Less time building implants.
More time exploiting vulnerabilities.


Interact with multiple implants from a single pane of glass. Connect from your platform of choice with operating system independent implant interaction and generation.

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Use synchronized implant interaction and operator attribution to log operator commands in a centralized and organized per-implant terminal.

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Flexible Payloads

Featuring JScript initial access payloads and full featured Rust payloads that allow operators to focus on value added vulnerability exploitation. Shellcode payloads available for use with your crypter of choice. Blazing fast reverse proxy lets operators bring their tools with them and live outside-the-land.

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Memory Execution

Execute assemblies in memory to avoid anti-virus and EDR solutions. Store payloads on Incision for direct access from implants.

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Implant Chaining

Tunnel deeper into target networks with implant chaining. Keep track of where implants sit with logical and intuitive implant graphs.

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Access the capabilities of next generation command & control.