Less time building implants.
More time exploiting vulnerabilities.

We build implants so you don't have to 
Your clients and owners don’t care how long it takes to build implants. They care about vulnerabilities and their impact on the organization's security. Incision lets you focus on those things too.

We elevate your current tactics and techniques 
Incision includes all the command & control features you’ve come to know and love in a cross-platform offering and then some. For example, Windows, Linux, or MacOS can connect to a web-based interface that allows for multi-user access.

We commit to low signaturing
Signaturing increases as adoption increases. We promise to stay at the forefront of the latest technological trends to provide the highest rate of success.

We keep our tools out of the hands of criminals 

Only qualified businesses need apply. Incision requires a background check for licensing.

What we are best at


Browser Based
Interact with multiple implants from a single pane of glass. Implant interaction and generation is operating system independent so operators can connect from their platform of choice.
Use synchronized implant interaction and operator attribution to log operator commands in a centralized and organized per-implant terminal.
Local Process Injection
Store executables or shellcode on the Incision server to inject directly into the current implant process.
Process Control
Choose the right option for the situation, spawn new processes, or inject locally.
Reverse Socks Proxy
A blazing fast reverse socks proxy written in Rust. A Proxychains responsiveness rivaling direct physical access to the network.
Implant Chaining
Tunnel deeper into target networks with implant chaining. Keep track of where implants sit with logical and intuitive implant graphs.
Access the capabilities of next generation command & control.

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